When you’re about to begin a big project, there’s nothing more depressing than the thought of feeling overwhelmed by all the work you have to do. However, once you get over that hump, running smoothly from your new found knowledge will feel like an accomplishment. That’s why I’m sharing some Study hacks I learned that saved me hours of time and frustration when studying for any test or exam.

1) Cut out distractions: 

It isn’t always possible to study in solitude because sometimes we need others around us for advice or technique building.

2) Study a section at a time:

Many students take their entire course of study and try to fit it into one 5-day span of cramming for the exam. 

3) Study in the back of a car:

Since you can’t concentrate on anything in your car, I take my time reviewing my notes, taking breaks and pausing the music when necessary.

4) Study with a light:

For me, studying in an otherwise dark room is no good. In order to stay awake, I study with a bright desk lamp on so that I can concentrate throughout my study session. 

5) Keep your cellphone on zero-call-time:

This one’s part of #1 but we’re going to add it here since it’s important enough to deserve its own space.

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